Super Mini Booster F1

The jumpstarter pack with endless applications. The Super Mini Booster means you’ll never be without a charge .


Delivers instant cold crank power when you need it.
Has a fast, rechargeable long-life battery.
Is easy to handle, lightweight and extremely compact.
Is easy to store in your car, campervan, boat or jetski.


1m Drop proof case
2 USB ports
Cigarette plug base
Digital voltage display
100% Memory Free
AC/DC Charging adaptors
2 Bight LED lights
LED light auto off function
Weighs only 5kg with a 14AH high capacity


Size: 17 x 18 x 15.5cm
Weight: 5kg
Output: 12V (DC)/80W
Maximum Current: 1200 Ampere


No jumper cables or another car needed
Instantly start the vehicle with a dead battery without the assistance of another car
Will not damage the computer system of your vehicle, as jump starting from another car can do sometimes
Easily recharge using main power
It can’t be overcharged or undercharged
Easy to use – no need to rely on other cars, or manoeuvring vehicles in to tight spaces to jump-start
Can be used to power accessories, such as your spotlight, air compressor, DVD player, radio, electric fan, electric cooler boxes, even your mobile phone
The LED lights can be used as a standard torch – great in an emergency situation